*Goti* Leather Design Studio

Studio *Goti* exclusively specializes in producing high quality leather handbags, clutches, wallets, hunting ammunition, cases for knives, glasses, pens, etc.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind, handmade from thick, natural, vegetable-tanned leather.

Different types of edge bindings are used (avoiding seams at all times), to make items durable and difficult to copy, as well as aiding to create a unique, vintage feel to them.

Hand painting with an airbrush helps to achieve subtle color transitions and combinations.

If You are looking for an exceptional piece, very unique in its style, form and decor, *Goti* should be Your first choice.

*Leather jeweler* Edvard Goti

Edvard Goti, leather designer and founder of *Goti* studio, originates from a small, picturesque city of Kaunas, established at the confluence of two rivers in the north-eastern Europe.

Edvard was initially introduced to the craft of leather manufacturing in 2000, while studying arts in university.

His teacher L. T. Grabauskienė used to emphasize diligence and accuracy of E. Goti's style of work, by calling her student’s creations *Leather jewelry*.

This title perfectly describes the style of artist’s current designs – just as well as it did years ago.

After graduating from university in 2004, Edvard pursued deeper knowledge of leather manufacturing in Germany with a help of a well-known leather artist Renė Berends (the founder of an international leather craft guild).

In 2007 Edvard graduated with Bachleor’s degree and became an Art Educator. In 2018 he obtained a Master’s degree in Leather Design.

Currently, the artist’s working field has expanded to a whole amplitude of artistic endevours - from constructing multi-functional set decor for theatre, to industrial design and practical art lectures for students and children.

Nevertheless, leather work remains his primary passion.

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