Our story 

First time I met with principles of leather manufacturing when I entered to Kaunas college in 2000. This trade I was taught by Lolita Grabauskienė. In 2003 I participated in exhibition “Perkūno namai" in which many leather works were represented. In this exhibition I have introduced a hand made leather bag. More… Later I have been studying more deeply about leather manufacturing in Germany. The teacher was well known person in the world Renė Berends. He has established an international leather craft guild. Impressions from a seminar… In 2004 I defended a final research paper. I have created three leather handbags for men. A supervisor of research paper was Lolita Grabauskienė. More… My future plans are to prepare a new collection. I am planning to create 13 new works where I would like to express my ideas. The number 13 I have chosen because this is my luck number and that day I was born. I hope you will like my website and I am looking forward to me meet you in my private exhibitions. If you are interested and have questions, you can write to me at info@goti.lt, Yours sincerely.

Edvard & Vaida Goti

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